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How To Understand That Nobody Has All The Answers

Have you noticed something about life? Everyone has questions, and everyone is trying to figure themselves and their lives out.

Some people look for answers through therapists, life coaches, pastors, prophets, gurus, and all types of spiritual leaders… but these spiritual leaders also have unanswered questions about their own lives.

Because the reality is that nobody has all the answers when it comes to understanding life. Even then greatest philosophers have had their limitations in understanding.

Life itself is paradoxical, the moment you think you’ve figured it out, it can surprise you with something completely unexpected.

Why? Because it’s life. Children are out there battling cancer. What did they do to deserve it? NOTHING. This is why I’ve learned to no longer question life and to just go with the flow. Whatever happens, happens!

We didn’t choose to be born but while we are here, let’s keep fighting and trying our best to create a meaningful life and make ourselves happy.

Let’s go with the flow of life without trying to control what we don’t understand. We are only humans. It’s okay to not have all the answers!

One-Simple Rhetorical Question That Answers The Meaning Of Life | by  Orestis Spanos | Mystic Minds | Medium


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