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"There Should Be No Politics in Receiving Holy Communion", Pope Francis Warns

Catholics' Pope Francis,while speaking on September 15,in Slovakia, concerning the issue of Catholic politicians and holy communion, said that the Catholic bishops, must minister under politicians who support the issue of abortion with"compassion and tenderness " but not condemnation.But,warned the clerics that,they shouldn't let politics enter into a question on receiving the holy communion.

Pope was responding to questions asked by the USA bishops ,on whether to administer holy communion on the president Joe Biden and his political leaders who support the abortion matters.

Whereby he said,according to the word of God,abortion is homicide and them,as clerics are required to live pastorally and not politically. However, he assured the residents of Slovakia that,they are drafting a "teaching document" to ensure that politician aren't condemned by issue of their stand on such matters.

Pope also added that,those Catholic politicians baptized under the said dominion,have their choice to follow whatever they feel its good.

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