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Dear Ladies, This Is How A Christian Lady Should Dress In Church Service

The church is a sanctuary, not a club or bar. It is a place of worship, not a place of massacre. You must be decent, and our beloved Christian ladies should really mind how they dress before the Almighty God. When dressing to go to church, you first need to find clothing that makes you feel comfortable, and the clothing should also meet the standards of the church community.

When it comes to churches, some of the clothes need to be avoided for all ages in the church. What you need to avoid are halter low-cut dresses, vests and even spaghetti belts, or whatever can show the thing on the abdomen, in other words, is to avoid showing or exposing a lot of your skin. One thing to consider is that you should avoid wearing transparent clothes or shirt skirts which shows your thighs.

Let us consider a question word, will you be indecent during the interview when you dress long clothes? I don’t think so, church women, Christians should dress decently and cover themselves. In fact, they don’t make you look ugly. This will win your respect in the church.

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