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7 Types Of Mistakes That Will Haunt You

Some inequities done to loved ones or other people may attract curses and torment you for a very long time if they are not dealt with accordingly. I will highlight some mistakes you may do that will forever haunt you.

1. Rape

Rape damages the victim physically, emotionally and spiritually. During such an act, the victim probably was screaming, crying and trembling in fear. The rapist may just move on with life but they never forget the screams they heard that time, and oftenly that encounter may keep on recurring in their mind.

2. Abortion

It is done in secret and people may never find out about it. No matter the reason that made a woman abort she shall forever remember the baby she killed. Whenever such a woman sees other people's babies she shall be taking her memories back to the baby she terminated many years back. As years go by she shall be counting how old they would have been if she had given them a chance to live. If in future she shall a carries a pregnancy to full term baby, in her mind she knows it's not her first born.

3. Incest

This is having sexual relations with the same members of one family. In the Bible such relations eg sister and brother, mother and son, father and daughter etc are condemned. Wages of this kind of transgression is death.

4. Cheating on your mentor

This kind of cheating is whereby a person may help a less fortunate relative, it could be an aunt who brought a niece to live with her in town as she hunts for a job or she is in college. Then during her stay she starts a sexual relation with her aunt's husband. The aunt may never find out but that action shall haunt them for a life time cheating on a person who helped them and meant well.

5. Murder

Termination of another person's life will torment the murderer for a lifetime. The law may not catch up with them but the conscious that God put in each human being will never let them live in peace. The action will haunt them and they may end up running mad or become suicidal.

6. Stealing

Stealing may be through force or deception. We cannot fight nature, anything a person steals does not become helpful and in future whatever is acquired illegally shall leave in un explainable ways. The act itself will disturb you as you wonder whether the owner suspects you or may find out you stole from them.

7. Neglecting your parents

When parents are aging, they need their children's presence either visiting them, checking on them and some times financial support. If you left home and neglected your parents after many years something may happen and they pass on. That will be the time you will be haunted why you distanced yourself and left them. Charity begins at home and parents hold our blessings.

I hope you find this article helpful, feel free to share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. Don't forget to follow me for more articles on relationships. Thank you

Content created and supplied by: Debrah (via Opera News )


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