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10 Bible Quiz Questions

If you’re a Christian, how well do you know the Bible? Here are 10 Bible quiz questions to test your knowledge. They are very easy and hints are available. If you love the trivia, please don’t hesitate to share with friends, family, workmates or even strangers. Let’s begin.

1.     Where were Jesus and the disciples coming from when two blind men asked the Son of David to take pity on them? (Hint: Matthew 20:29-30).

A.   Jerusalem

B.    Jericho

C.    Damascus

D.   Nazareth


2.     Saul was traveling with how many men on his journey to Damascus? (Hint: Acts 9:3-7)

A.   8

B.    5

C.    2

D.   3


3.     In Mark 4:13-19, Jesus chose the twelve apostles. Who among the following was not part of this group?

A.   Moses

B.    Peter

C.    Andrew

D.   Bartholomew


4.     Who among the following was mentioned as one of King David’s famous soldiers in 1 Chronicles 11?

A.   Jashobeam

B.    Stephen

C.    Judas

D.   John


5.     King Solomon had many achievements according to Chronicles 8, except one of the following. Which one?

A.   He rebuilt the cities given to him by King Hiram

B.    He moved his wife from David’s city to a house he built for her

C.    He built the Lord’s Temple

D.   He founded Microsoft


6.     Where was King Solomon buried? Hint: 2 Chronicles 9:29-31.

A.   Bethlehem

B.    David’s City

C.    Shechem

D.   Gershon


7.     Who did God order to count the people of Israel and Judah? (Hint: 2 Samuel 24).

A.   King David

B.    Joab

C.    King Solomon

D.   King Rehoboam


8.     Who was the emperor of Persia when Daniel had a vision of himself standing on the bank of River Tigris? (Hint Daniel 10)

A.   Herod

B.    Cyrus

C.    Nebuchadnezzar

D.   Tiberius


9.     When Jesus Christ began his work, he was about how many years old?

A.   20

B.    40

C.    30

D.   35


10. How did Jesus reveal the events recorded in the book of Revelation to his servant John? (Hint: The Revelation 1:1-3).

A.   By sending an angel to him

B.    Through a letter

C.    By sending a dove

D.   Through dragons


Quiz Answers

1.     B

2.     C

3.     A

4.     A

5.     D

6.     B

7.     A

8.     B

9.     C

10. A.

Content created and supplied by: AliceNjambi (via Opera News )

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