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Niko Na Account Mbili, Terence Creative Cheekily Responds to Natasha's Prayer on Destiny Helpers

Following a social media post on destiny helpers, pastor Lucy Natasha has caused discord among Kenyans.

The preacher informed her followers via a Facebook post on Monday, November 28 that some will receive money from a kind individual. Natasha remarked, "I see destiny assistants placing money into someone's account this week."

While some of her followers agreed with her message, others charged that the preacher had misled people into believing that they would get money that they had not earned.

Terence Creative, one of the commenters, wryly penned: "I have two accounts. Should I give them all at once?

Here are some more remarks: Alberta Casindy: “I miss the days when gospel was more of righteousness.”

Kayz Kassim: “Say amen and work for your money.”

Fonny Michael: “Amen.”

Mwale Obed Mahanga: “The Bible tells us that a lazy person should not eat. Stop lying to us to just stay lazy and get free money.”

Christine Shiro: “And this is how some people are slowly sinking into depression. Someone is waiting for free money because the preacher said so. Guys, work! He blesses the work of our hands.”

Mú Nene: “Gospel of prosperity the opium of poor masses. Faith isn't absence of reasoning and prayers shouldn't replace work. Theology should liberate by offering practical solutions.”

Content created and supplied by: Vincent Ronoh (via Opera News )

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