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A Prayer For Today's Night To Thank God

God is kind to us every day; he has been with us today and has maintained our confidence. Let us use this prayer to convey our thankfulness to him.

Please, God, help us to believe in you and be enabled by the Holy Spirit. While we sleep tonight, let go of the strain in our bodies. Calm our restless minds, calm our anxious and confused thoughts.

Father, please assist us in relaxing in your strong and capable hands, entrusting all of our problems to you. Allow your spirit to speak to our brains and hearts as we sleep, so that when we wake up in the morning, we will have received light for our way, strength for our task, tranquility for our fears, and forgiveness for our sins committed during the night.

Amen to that. May God provide us rest tonight and the strength to face the challenges of tomorrow.

As a result of this prayer, may your night be full with blessings.

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