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3 Undeniable Signs That You Are In The Wrong Church

Nowadays not all churches are real and preaching the word of God. Many churches with different rules and regulations have developed. As a Christian you should be able to distinguish between a good and wrong church since God doesn't want us to disobey Him. The bible says that love your neighbor the same way you love yourself but some of the churches doesn't even allow strangers from other churches to join them for for a sermon. The following are some of the signs that you are in a wrong church.

1.Their leadership cannot be challenged.

This is one of the signs that you are in a wrong church. If you find yourself in a church that leaders are dictators and the members of the church are not allowed to say anything, that's not the right church for you. When praying to God you need where you can freely interact with the pastors and anybody else. Being dictated means that you will do everything they say even if it's against God's command.

2.There is no fellowship among members.

This is another clear sign that you have found yourself in the wrong church. Members of the church are supposed to love each other since they are children of God. After the pastor has finished preaching the members of the church should remain behind and greet each other so that they can strengthen the bond between them. If you notice that members of the church doesn't show love and care to each other, you're in a wrong church.

3.There is no evangelism plans.

Evangelism is one of the most important plans that every church should have in practice. A good church should plan crusades abd outreach in the community since evangelism is the heart of Jesus. If you notice that the church you are attending have never planned any evangelism programme then you are in a wrong church. Being in a bad church will make you a bad person too.

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