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Take heed of these seven principals that leads to success(They are biblical)


Basically this is the evidence of things we hope for and reality of those unseen.

In any agenda of pursuing success one must posses hope.since faith is the evidence of that hope and how it has been wildely spoke of both in human doctrines and religiouse platforms it must be influential and keeping it active only strengthens the bond with supernatural being.


For one to posses anything through hardwork or achieve something,belief plays a major role.Or else the zeal to go for it may not work for his favour.

Just as those unsuspecting fellow who visits fake witchdoctors and follow the given instructions to the latter,occationally they do get what they seek,just because of their belief.

This is not a condition but part of the process of having what you should have


Every successful ends is a way of proving there is an answered prayer.Be it legal or illegal spiritual grants.The point is there was a dialogue between a mortal man and a supernatural being,but dont confuse wishes with prayer.wishes dont breed success,prayer does.


This is the fundamental point of all .How smart and hard you do about it,is how you should expect the results.This is well known from the point of Adam.


Many understands it but few understands it wrongly.This is purely giving or rather sowing.A hand that gives and sows in most cases generates room for more.This a pattern of nature that works regardless of religion, race or beliefs


If you din't know you should now accept that patient pays.i strongly suggest that for anything good to come through,there must be a wait time.There must be that point that there is nothing to do about however powerful or monied one is,But only wait.


Finally,this has been with us since childhood,school mode and still it is here on the path to success.This is doing what you should do with or without supervision,set backs and challenges.It sound simple but again it can be so complecated.

But as long as you know how important your achievement means to you, it is worth a while.

All these principals goes hand in hand,you cant focus on one and ignore the other.

This are just my views,your free to speak your mind too

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