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Finish This Second Day Of The Month By Saying The Following Word of Prayer

As you finish this second day of the month of March,tell God something. Always thank Him for what he has done in your life. Sometimes, you just have to kneel and just tell God Thank you. Without telling him to do anything for you,thank you is also important to show God that you are appreciative. So before you go to bed tonight, tell God Thank you.

Say the following word of prayer tonight and God's miracles will be upon you always.

Almighty and Eternal God, Creator of my Life, I adore you and worship you this quiet and silent night. From the depths of my heart I call unto your throne of mercy, renew me my Saviour; bring me to new life in you. 

You are the potter O Lord, I am the clay; shape me and mold me according to your will; transform my heart and my thinking; break every hardeed areas off me; Touch me and make me feel whole again. 

Help me to see your love Almighty Father; in the passion, death and resurrection of your only begotten Son. Teach me to love as He loved.

Teach me to forgive as he forgave. Teach me this night O Lord, to give myself to others, just as He gave Himself to me.

Help me to observe Lent in a way that allows me to celebrate that love. Touch me this night O Lord and I shall never be same again. Heal me and I shall be healed. Just say the word O Lord, and I shall be made anew.

Thank you Lord for this moment of prayer and oneness with you. I never want to be seperated from you O Lord, day after day, night after night lead me unto you. I make this prayer through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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