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Pope Dedicates the Pentecost Mass Celebrated at St Stephen Church in Jerusalem for Israelis and Pale

In the recent past, there has been fighting among the Israeli and the Palestinians. The Israeli attacked flared up in May 2021 coupled with protesting, rioting, police riot control, and rocket attacks. The protest quickly escalated into violent confrontations between the Jewish and Palestinian protesters.

The fight was aggravated by the bombing of the Palestinian media house. From these retaliatory attacks, many countries came in solidarity with either party and many people lost lives.

The pope today called on people to pray for the two nations to have peace. He dedicated the Pentecost mass that will be celebrated at St. Stephen's Church in Jerusalem, to be for the sake of Israel and Palestine and implore the gift of peace. During Pentecost, the Christian church prays for the gift of the Holy Spirit that was promised by Jesus During Ascension. The pope is calling on all Christians and people of goodwill to pray for Palestine and Israeli.

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