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Deep Secrets Of Seventhday Church Of God Which You Didn't Know Revealed By Their Bishop

Some hours ago, Jeremy Damaris was live with Seventh Day Church Of God bishop from their main headquarter in Nairobi who talked about their secrets and way of doing things. According to him, he shared the following things as what they believe in which had remained a secret to many who would have wanted to know about the church.1. They believe in both old and new testament of the bible unlike some other churches which follows new testament.

2. They follow Jerusalem bible calender which depends on the moon unlike other churches which follow the roman calendar.

3. They start their sabath on Friday after the sunset and end it on Saturday after the sunset where you should not do any work during the duration.

4. They baptize their followers using flowing water in a river and not stagnant water.

6. They don't baptize small children. he explained saying they only baptize adults who have repented their sins.

7. They believe that a man should marry only one woman.

8. Their youths should only intermarry amongst themselves. He explained that Incase someone gets a husband or a wife outside their church, they should do their wedding in the other church and not in their church.

9. Their women must always have a turban on their heads everytime. Watch the full video below.

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