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Video: Drama in Eldoret as Pastor Exchanges Blows With a Female Church Member For This Reason

There is this part in the church where the pastor asks the congregants who have any problem to come forward. This is a moment where several people come to the front in hopes that the pastor's prayers will help them with whatever ailment they may be undergoing.

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In Eldoret, during a crusade, a pastor is seen exchanging blows in a video with a certain woman. The pastor tried to place his hands on the woman's forehead so that he can pray for her.

She refused this and kept moving back, away from the pastor. The pastor saw this as an invitation to try and get the woman subdued as there could be some demons possessing her that's why she's behaving the way she is.

In the video, the woman then starts throwing punches at the helpless pastor who has to be helped by his fellow church officials. They rush to his rescue and one of the men is even seen in a heated bitter exchange of blows with the said woman.

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