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How to Listen to the Voice of God

This is a big question that most people do ask themselves, and sometimes fail to get an answer. Yes. God does speak to us and we should learn to listen to his voice and obey it.

God speaks to us in our spirits. He is the holy spirit. He intercedes for us when we are praying. He searches our hearts and knows our requests. He goes further and even pray for us in things that we cannot utter. Read Romans 8:26, you will get the full picture on what am talking about.

When we are praying, we make our requests known to God. It is the only way we interact with God. God is always faithful to answer our prayers. There is no father who gives his son a snake when he asks for a fish, neither does he give him stones when he asks for bread.

God is our father. Whatever we ask him in our prayers, he will surely give us since He is a faithful God. Have ever been in dilemma, when you want to do something then you ask yourself, can I do or not do? The voice that encourages you to do good, is the voice of God. It normally keeps encouraging us to rise up whenever we are down

Just like the prodigal son. He heard the voice of God and went back home. Today if you here God's voice, do not harden your heart. Open your heart for him to enter.

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