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Signs In Your Life That Shows You Are Cursed

Many people experiences several things in their lives that remain a misery to them. A good number of such people don't understand the causes of such experiences. Such experiences including the ones listed below are signs that one is cursed.

1.You're single but only married men approach you for marriage.

2. You work but you don't know how your money is spent within a day or two days you're broke.

3. When you cannot remember your dreams and yet you always dream.

4 When others are promoted and you're left on the same position year in year out. And also confusion at work you cannot understand.

5. Untimely deaths you cannot understand.

6. Rejection yet you're qualified for the task.

7. Dreaming about your former school, village or seeing yourself naked.

8. When the only thing growing in your life age.

9.When you are rejected without any profound reasons.

10. When people promise to help you then fail to honour.

11.When you lose money,property etc mysteriously.

12 .When you can't enjoy peace with your spouse however much you try.

13.Your children are educated but no good or jobs.

14.Your children have jobs but not marrying.

Content created and supplied by: LarryMadowo (via Opera News )


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