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How To Let God Change And Transform Your Life

Place your right hand on your head. Father, change my life, transform my life, recreate my life to become as it is in your mind, to become what you want me to be, what I am in your mind.

Change your mind and recreate your life to what you want it to. Lord, I welcome your mind for me, for my life. I connect to your mind for my life, let my life begin to transform now according to what is in your mind, Lord let it be in the name of Jesus.

Let there be recreation, transformation; everything that is dead, deformed, and destroyed oh God begin to recreate them now. Everything dead, let it come back to life, whatever is sick let it be healed.

If you want to see the transformation in the lives of people or our lives, we should have the same mind as God's.

The mind of God is the womb before creation, that is why He spoke them out and they began to form. We need to have the same mind as God and be able to speak the way God speaks.

But it is impossible if the Spirit of God does not help you because it is the Spirit of God that will communicate the mind of God to our minds.

That will connect our minds to the database of God's mind. Naturally, we cannot think like God but the Holy Spirit can connect us to the mind of God.

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