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These Are Main Reasons Why Human Beings Follow Worldly Things Other Than Heavenly Matters

The world is now full of sin. Almost all human kind have gone astray. They have all forsaken their Creator. People have abandoned the main source of the river which permanently flows water and have dug their own cisterns that hold no water.

However, it is high time I want to share with you on why most people embrace worldly matters more than heavenly matters which is contrary according to the Bible as it says friendliness with the world is enmity to God. The following are the reasons behind downfall of many people;

Human flesh is of the world. The flesh of the human being belong to this world and hence it needs worldly things to be satisfied and also to grow. Being of this world, the flesh is more attracted to worldly pleasures and hence dumping people into sin.

The other reason is that despite that we are of God, we live in the world which is ruled by satan, in other words we live in the kingdom of satan. In 1john 5:19, we know that we are from God and the whole world lies in the Evil one.

This just to say that it is more difficult yo live in somebody's kingdom and do things contrary to him, their will be mysterious consequences.

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