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Who are the Illuminati?

Who are the Illuminati? This is a question that has troubled many a person over the past few centuries. The Illuminati have been in the midst of controversy and conspiracy theories for the longest time.

They have been linked to theories as absurd as human sacrifice and even crazier, world domination. Many people believe that the Illuminati secretly control the world.They also believe that most of the world's most powerful people are members of the cult. Theories aside,the question is who are the Illuminati?

The Illuminati was founded by Adam Weishaupt in bavaria,Germany on the first of May 1776. The society's aims were to end superstition and to limit state power. Soon after the illuminati together with Freemasonry and other secret societies were outlawed. The Illuminati however continued it's activities underground and is generally believed to have caused the French Revolution.

The original Illuminati however soon died down but not for long. Many intellectuals over time subscribed to the Illuminati's doctrines and it made a comeback. Most of the Illuminati's new members were powerful. This led to the general belief that the Illuminati was secretly pulling the strings in creating the New World Order.

Many have gone as far as to suggest that most of the current day leaders and celebrities are part of the Bavarian cult,this however are just rumours cooked up by very idle and creative minds.

So there it is,the truth about the Illuminati. Not as scary as most of you would have pictured it but those are the facts. The Illuminati was an old Bavarian cult that most probably never made it to the twenty first century.

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