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The Country With The Highest Number of Catholic Faithfuls in Africa

Roman Catholic means universal, that is all together. Roman Catholic is the earliest church in the world having its origin in Rome, Italy. It is believed to be the mother of all churches in the world. The church has the most Christians than any other church and it has since dominated in the world.

Having its capital in Vatican City, Rome in Italy, is the only church to have members almost in each country of the world. The church came to limelight in Africa through missionaries, they are the ones that introduced it to blacks and since then, the blacks has impressed it more than any other church.

Roman Catholic is in every nation of Africa and more so almost every specific region in countries of Africa. The country with the most Catholic population in the continent is Democratic Republic of Congo. It had a population of about 2.9 million faithfuls.

Almost each and every individual in Congo is a Catholic even most of them does not know that their are other churches in the world, they only know one church which is Catholic

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