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Only Country In The World Without A Church Where Approximately 1.8m Christians Live

Only Country In The World Without A Church Where Approximately 1.8m Christians Live.

A church building is used for religious services, usually referring specifically to those for Christian worship. Church history is often, but not always, studied from a Christian perspective. Writers from different Christian traditions will often highlight people and events particularly relevant to their denominational history. Catholic and Orthodox writers often highlight the achievements of the ecumenical councils, while evangelical historians may focus on the Protestant Reformation and the Great Awakenings.

Churches fill a similar role for Christians as mosques do for Muslims, as the former is considered to be the most important place of worship. When speaking about the Christian religion, the Protestants and the Catholics are the two largest subgroups that can be found.

Even though approximately 1.8 million Christians are living in Saudi Arabia, there is not a single church in the entire country. Christians in Saudi Arabia are subjected to persistent persecution at the hands of both Muslim citizens and the government of Saudi Arabia. Even though under Saudi law and social norms, Christians are subject to discrimination, a significant number of Christians still opt to relocate to Saudi Arabia in search of employment and an improvement in their standard of living. This nation does not have any places of worship or religious training institutions of any kind.


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