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When Maria Decides To Come Out In Her Muslim Clads. (Photos)

Yasmin Said is a young naïve girl in the drama series titled "Maria" who is just trying to find the better of her future out of her current life. She is an Islamic girl in her early age and she is involved in jiffy acting show sponsored by Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla. Specifically, she works as the Maria actress part in "Maria" telenovela. This young girl respects herself very much especially when it comes to simple rules. Today, we will feature on her way of blending her clads. Maria loves doing the Islamic outfits when she is at home or just chilling. These simple Islamic clothes includes: a long dress called "Buibui" in Kiswahili and a head cover called a hijab. In most of the times, many Islamic women do it in pure black, or black and some flourish with white themes. However, Maria has been doing it totally differently. She puts mixed patterns on hers and she comes out elegant, see for yourself in the following photos. At times, she puts on the hijab to cover her head and just blends it with a simple trouser or casual fit. On her feet, she may wear normal like any other lady. Look at how Maria is blending her Islamic looks and comes out rocking like an Islamic star.

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