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It's Man Who Created God-Opinion

This world has over 3 million gods and over 400,000 religions.The phenomenon of God has been challenged by science which proves Heaven doesn't exist.You need to understand this,culture is how we live and religion is how we worship according to our way of living, therefore you cannot separate the two.

People don't know how the world began so they created fallacies and supported them with superstations.If you fail to prove it's good to say you don't know, choosing to believe is a wrong idea. Different believes have created boundaries leading to infinite wars.

Man questioned his existence and ended up creating a supreme God,but he failed to explain how this God was created thus ended up telling followers not to question.It's not good to kill others because they don't agree with your concept of God.

Dud religion scriptures were written by people to prove their believe which were forced through ploy's and decimation.A belief should not be forced to anyone,I think we should wait until people attain the age maturity, preach to them and give them a chance to choose what they want to follow.The moment you tell your children this is the right way,all others ways doesn't make sense to him/her.

It's not right to Advocate for God by instilling fear,the fear of going to hell has enslaved many.What i know is we were born and we will die,the rest is unknown.Never listen to those who tell you this life is not important because there actions speak otherwise.

All believers are the same,they mingle and pretend they can live without any problem but it's deafening.They engage in business for personal interest but prevent their children from inter-marrying, it's not good to conclude others are wrong.

There is no God who interferes with our activities,therefore,our friendship should be hindered by religion.It would be better if we embrace humanity since religion has failed to work.Life is hard,never let people deceive you,work hard and you will gain,learn more and you will understand.

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