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Opinion | Eight Things You Need To Know About Lucifer

Who is this adversary known as Satan or the devil that we are up against?

If you' ve tried to comprehend Satan, you' ve probably come across some frequent misunderstandings and myths about his moniker. Let us set the record straight, regardless of what you previously believed.

Here are eight facts about Satan that you should be aware of.

1. Satan is God' s adversary, not God' s opposite.

People sometimes make the mistake of thinking that Satan is God' s wicked equal. This simply isn' t the case.

Satan cannot be everywhere at the same time since he is not omnipresent. When you are tempted or attacked by Satan, it is most likely one of his fallen angels or demons, not Satan himself. Furthermore, he is not omnipotent. He has power, and he is very powerful, but he isn' t all- powerful. His power and abilities have limits.

It' s also worth noting that he isn' t omniscient. He may know a lot, but he is far from an expert. He is not the same as God. As God might put it,

Remember the old things; I am God, and there is no one else; I am God, and there is no one else like me. – Isaiah 46: 9- 10 Isaiah 46: 9- 10 Isaiah 46: 9- 10

2. Satan is a Conspiracy Theorist.

I' m not sure whether you' ve ever heard the phrase " the devil is a liar. " They usually say that after saying something they don' t agree with or don' t want to happen. Let' s say your son returns home and announces, " Mom and Dad, I' m going to marry Cindy. " If you really don' t want Cindy to marry your son, you may tell your pals, " My son came home and announced he' s going to marry Cindy. " " The devil is a liar, " says the narrator.

Usually, we say it with a sly grin on our faces. But why do we say that in the first place? Satan is a liar, after all. Take a look at what Jesus had to say about Satan:

You are the devil' s child, and you wish to carry out your father' s wishes. He was a murderer from the start, not telling the truth since he is devoid of it. He speaks his native language when he lies, because he is a liar and the father of lies. – John 8: 44

Only one language is spoken by Satan, and that is the language of lies. Indeed, he is incapable of speaking the truth because, as Jesus stated, he possesses no truth. Everything of his power on this planet is based on deception. It began with Adam and Eve in the garden and continues to this day.

3. Satan is a liar.

With all his angels, this enormous dragon— the ancient serpent known as the devil, or Satan, the one deceiving the entire world— was flung down to the earth. - Revelation 12: 9 Revelation 12: 9 Revelation 12: 9 Revelation 12:

Satan is a master of deception. He tries everything he can to persuade you to think something that isn' t true. One of his greatest deceptions, according to someone I heard, is trying to convince people he doesn' t exist. People typically respond to the truth with their words and actions when they believe it to be true.

Many of the cults, false teachings, and false belief systems that exist in today' s society are all based on Satanic trickery. This, I feel, is his most important job in men' s hearts. He seeks to hinder people from knowing the truth, for Jesus stated, " You will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. " (Luke 8: 32)

4. Satan Imitates God' s Actions

And it' s no surprise, for Satan himself dresses up as a light angel. – 2 Corinthians 11: 14; 2 Corinthians 11: 15; 2 Corinthians 11: 16; 2 Corinthians 11

Satan seeks to imitate whatever God accomplishes, especially the work of the Holy Spirit.

He is a fantastic actor who understands how to portray the part. But keep in mind that his purpose is deception. The depiction of a pitchfork- wielding little red demon is not accurate. He will try to impersonate the Holy Spirit or appear as a light angel, yet there is vast darkness within him. That is why it is critical to have discernment and to know the truth of God' s word.

When people are taught how to recognize counterfeit banknotes, they are given actual bills to study. They get so accustomed with the actual bill that they will be able to spot a fake when they see one. This is your responsibility. Become so familiar with the reality of God' s word and the work of the Holy Spirit that you will be able to recognize the counterfeit even if Satan himself appears.

5. Satan has an illustrious past, but his doom is certain.

Isaiah 14: 12- 14 and Ezekiel 28: 13- 19 tell the account of Satan' s past. He was attractive, but it got to him. He was booted out of heaven because of his arrogance. Perhaps this is why God despises pride so much. Regardless of his brilliant history, Satan faces eternal condemnation.

The devil, who had tricked them, was cast into the lake of burning sulfur, along with the beast and the false prophet. Forever and ever, they shall be tormented day and night. - Revelation 20: 10 Revelation 20: 10 Revelation 20: 10 Revelation 20:

He is well aware of his impending doom. As a result, his purpose is to bring as many people as possible into this haven that was made only for him (Matthew 25: 41). That is why we must preach the gospel and announce the truth in order to lure people out of the domain of darkness and into the kingdom of light.

Satan is a thief, number six.

The criminal just comes to steal, kill, and destroy. . . – 10: 10 in John' s gospel

The thing with Satan is that he has a really unique set of motivations. His first goal is to deprive you of eternal life by preventing you from knowing the gospel truth. He doesn' t want people to truly understand who Jesus is and seek redemption from him.

If he is unable to do so, his next objective is to steal your vision, undermine your faith, and ruin your purpose. If he can' t keep you from salvation, he' ll consider it a defeat, but he' ll try to keep you from telling others about the gospel.

He understands that the gospel is God' s saving power and that Jesus is the only path back to the Father. He works tirelessly to keep this message hidden from the public because he knows it is their only hope. By the way, Satan is powerless to hinder a person from calling on the name of the Lord for salvation. His job entails preventing people from reaching that stage.

7. The devil Is the God of this world.

The deity of this world, Satan, has clouded the brains of those who refuse to believe. They can' t see the beautiful light of the Good News because it' s too bright for them. They don' t get the message of Christ' s glory, because he is God' s exact likeness. 2 Corinthians 4: 4 (NIV) (NLT)

Satanic influence can be found in many places. When you combine it with man' s sinful heart, it' s no surprise our world is in the state it is. Consider how many people are blinded by their disbelief. People who are enslaved by their sin but believe they are truly ' free. ' Unfortunately, many people have taken Satan' s lies— who is the father of lies— and thought them to be true.

There is a mastermind behind it all: Satan. He wants people to be blinded, perplexed, and trapped in their immoral state. He has the power to accomplish that since he is the god of this world.

8. Satan can only defeat you if you give him the opportunity.

You have control over Satan' s power over you. Despite all of his power and deception. Regardless of his skill to imitate and deceive. Keep in mind that Satan has the ability to attack. He has the ability to make war on you. He has the ability to summon all of the forces of darkness against you. But he can' t pass you until you let him. Keep in mind what God has said to you:

Because the one who is in you is bigger than the one who is in the world, you, my children, are from God and have overcome them. 4: 4– 1 John

You are a person with rights. You are in charge. You are in charge. God has placed you in this specific location on the planet at this precise time. He has given you his Holy Spirit and equipped you.

He has tasked you with going into war against an adversary whose sole goal is to prevent others from discovering Jesus. He will not be able to defeat you. He won' t be able to stop you. Unless you let him, he will not succeed in your life.

Today, I command you to move forward. Defeat the forces of darkness and deliver the light of Jesus Christ' s message to a world in desperate need of it. Your adversary will battle you, but the Holy Spirit within you is stronger than he is. The fight will be tough, but you will prevail if you don' t give up. In the name of Jesus, go.

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