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No Technology Will Explain the Following Natural Happenings

We are living today in a world full of technology. But with all the many super inventions, God has limited human mind at some levels. There are four phenomena in nature that no technology will reveal.

1. Existence of hell and Heaven

This is concept will remain the secret of the creator. Not even a single technology on the planet is able to locate geographical locations of hell and Heaven. While many debates has been going on that both are just states of mind, we have no proof over that. Only God will tell.

2. God

God only exists in our minds because of what is happening in our live. The way our lives is protected and the order maintained in the entire universe, proves that God might be existing. There is no technology to provide evidence about God. He will not reveal himself through proofs, but by His actions.

Life after death

Almost all traditions of the world, including Christianity, believe in life after death. We believe that death is for the body and the spirit will continue living. This is just a definition than proof of its existence. There is no even a single technology to differentiate the body, spirit and soul of a human being. All is true by believing so. God is a secret keeper for a reason. Let's us not question His perfect work. Feel alive and enjoy the beautiful nature of the fact that you are existing.

4. Time

Time is factor which determines aging in all life forms on the planet, from animals to human beings. This means time is an invisible force inside us. It is not something existing outside this three dimensional space. Clock is just a device which measures time. Time itself is unknown to us. The past is memories of our own experiences. Future is just our desires or what we crave for. But all this is an illusion. Only God is keeping this secret. No technology will tell.

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