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The Only Person In The Bible Who Fought Against Archangel Michael And Managed To Survive

Lucifer, always regarded as the devil is the only person who fought against Angel Michael and survived. According to the bible, Angel Michael is always regarded as the angel of war. According to the book of Revelation, Michael fought against Lucifer after the latter attempted to overthrow God from His throne, however Lucifer didn't succeed in his mission and was thrown out of heaven.

He is oftenly referred to as the devil in the bible after he was thrown out of heaven, he still remains the only being to ever fight against Angel Michael in the bible. Michael is regarded as an archangel in the bible and has been mentioned three times in the book of Daniel. Angel Michael is always claimed to be the strongest of all angels and leads the armies of God against the devil's armies.

Lucifer is also referred to as the morning star according to the bible, his name simply means morning star, it's an name given to him before he was thrown out of heaven. Despite having a major backup of angels in heaven, Lucifer was still thrown out of heaven after staging war with God in contention over His throne.

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