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Avoid These 5 Things, They Ignite the Anger of God

It feels good when God decides to answer our prayers. Christians will be pleased to know that God actually heard and eventually answered his prayers. From time to time you can pray and wait for answers that may not come. This can be caused by our actions that offend God. You want God to do one thing for you, but you have to ask yourself what you are doing on your side. It is always important to return God's love in holiness and righteousness. Therefore, the following is what makes God angry.


This took the devil and his angels to hell. They tried everything possible to ensure that some Christians went to hell. This spread through pride. Even proud people do not accept corrections. Because he or she is proud, he never listens to the word of God and never changes. Humility is important in the kingdom of God. If you are humble, God will elevate you. If you uplift yourself, he will make you undesirably humble.

A lie.

God hates lies and truth. This is whether you are lying to escape a particular temptation or trap. Never lie under any circumstances. Because God hates lying tongues. At John 8:44, it says: "He was a murderer from the beginning, and he didn't stick to the truth, because he has no truth. When he tells a lie, he speaks his native language, because he is a liar and a liar father.


It is difficult to hate each other and expect love from God. God is merciful and compassionate, so when a sinner truly repents, he is forgiven. If one hates the other, he can even commit murder. We all understand that God hates the innocent blood-shedding hand. This can be read in Genesis 4: 6 and 7.

Evil heart.

This is the mind to plan evil. A heart that never rests until someone makes someone cry. A person with an evil heart will always have a sleepless night if he does not carry out an evil plan. Avoid such hearts and be considerate. Love each other as God loved the world. The love in John 3:16 was the first example of God's setting for all mankind. So try to imitate it as much as possible. Jeremiah 17:16 states: Who can know?

Friendship with the world.

The Bible says that friendship with the world is hostility to God. Wise people try to escape the evil in the world. Separation is important in this case, as modern style does not allow you to control your life. Try as much as you can to avoid evil. Proverbs 14:16 says that one is afraid of evil and then turns his back, but fools are angry and confident. 1 2 Samuel 2: 9 is more serious than this case. It says, "He will protect the feet of the saints, and the wicked will be silent in the dark."

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