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4 Amazing Secrets Behind Praying Every Morning

1.Jesus prayed early in the morning.

Even Jesus woke up very early in the morning to have a word with God. Everyone is advised to wake up before day break to pray.Nobody will remind you to do so but that is what God expects of you.

"Mark 1:35- Before day break the next morning Jesus got up and went to an isolated place to pray."

2.It helps in refreshing the body and soul.

Praying every morning before doing anything will give you fresh mood and a positive mind.It will also make you to feel free from all your problems.God will shower you with His blessings making your day to be smooth.Make it a behavior of praying every morning and God will ignite you with endless spirits.

3.It is the perfect time to get instructions for the day.

If you pray every morning God will guide you on everything that you are doing.He will shower you with blessings and wisdom.God always know the problems that we are going to encounter during the day before we even wake up.Simply take some time to ask Him about the plan He has for us.Ask him for his guidance and protection.

4.It gives us the encouragement to make one step ahead.

Through prayer you will get encouragement to face the challenges you are going to face during the day.With God everything is possible.Just take even 5 minutes and have a word with God.

"Psalms 119:147- I rise early before the sun is up; i cry out for help and put my hope in your words."

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