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Reasons why Moses Died Before Making it to the Promised Land

Moses was a great prophet sent by God to deliver His people out of Egypt. Moses performed several miracles in a bid to releasing Israelites out of Egypt. It was through God's power that he performed all those miracles. However, Pharaoh's heart was hardened and could not let the Israelites leave until his son's death.

The Israelites, in the leadership of Moses, found it hard to make it to the promised land. The distance between Egypt and Canan is not that long but it took Israelites 40 years to make it there, and of course, only two made it there.

Despite Moses being their leader for many years, he died before entering the promised land. He only saw it from a distance. Deuteronomy Chapter 32 verse 51 to 52 states the reason why Moses had to die before reaching Canan.

He broke faith with God in the presence of all Israelites at the waters of Meribah Kadesh while in the desert of Zin. Moses also spoke to the rock while not acknowledging God's power.

When Moses was instructed to speak to the rock softly, he did it rudely and even hit the rock. This showed a lack of disobedience to God. God told Moses that he will only see the land from a distance. Moses continued serving the Lord until his death even though He had promised not to allow him to enter Canan.

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