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9 Reasons You Should Not Set Your Heart On Anything That Belongs To Your Neighbor

9 Reasons You Should Not Set Your Heart On Anything That Belongs To Your Neighbor

There will be no lusting after your neighbor's home, wife, servant, cook, ox, or donkey. Don't get your heart fixed on something that belongs to your neighbor. The Message (Exodus 20:17) 

In certain cases, the last of the Ten Commandments is the most intriguing. When you think about it, not coveting, lusting for, or "getting your heart on" something that belongs to someone else is essentially the culmination of the previous nine measures.

1. Make God the center of your life, first, last, and always. 

2. Don't have any other idols. 

3. Use His name with authority rather than vanity. 

4. Accept the undeserved (but desperately needed) gift of a full day of rest once a week. 

5. From home to community, honor and respect your families. 

6. Make a conscious decision to live a full life. 

7. Don't tamper with any of your relationships. 

8. Develop a heart of generosity. 

9. Be honest and genuine in front of God and humanity.

We would be completely pleased with what we have if we strive to live in all of these ways, and therefore will not lust for what anyone else has. 

The phrase "setting your heart" is intriguing. It's a term that refers to devoting your time and energy to what you really like. However, "setting" is now used for a variety of things that biblical people could never have imagined:

• tuning radios or TVs

• setting a TiVo or DVR

• setting one' s preferences on a web page

• setting a watch or clock

If we "fixed" our hearts, that is, if we tuning them in to God's love, our deepest desires will have nothing to do with our neighbor's things. Who wants some more stuff? Let us think about some of the core values contained in this final commandment for the rest of this quarter. 


Teach me to tune my heart only to Your voice, LORD OF PEACE AND CONTENTMENT. Let me set my heart and desires so that I have no interest in something that belongs to my neighbor, particularly in this day and age when the entire world is one neighborhood! I want to be satisfied with You and just want what You do.

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