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"Wash Wash" Nairobi Resident From Samburu Narrates How Two Pastors 'Washed' Him (Video)

The business which is popularly known as wash wash has been the talk of the day after one content creator known as Terence Creative came up with a movie that shows how people are being conned in the city Nairobi.

Joseph Lesegem who says that he comes from Samburu shared his experience on how he was conned when he was still new in the city. Lesegem who came to Nairobi as a student at Nairobi University says that he was conned by two pastors who had approached them as they were going to the university from their residential place.

The two pastors who were dressed very impressively started telling him things which were real and true about him and his family back in Samburu. They told him about how he is struggling financially and especially on his studies.

The two pastors offered themselves to pray for Joseph and another lady who had joined them as he was being prophesized. After prayers, the pastors started reading verses for the two, Joseph and the other lady. Before they were prayed for, both were asked to put their belonging in a certain box, Lesegem had given out his newly bought spark 4 phone worth 14,000 plus the two thousand shillings he had.

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In the middle of the verse reading, pastor gave Joseph Lesegem 30 shillings to get him some drinking water. After he crossed the road by the help of the other pastor, he went straight to the supermarket. And at the entrance he came back to his senses. After he bought the water and returned to where the pastor was, there was nobody. They had disappeared with his belongings. That is how wash wash stolen from him. Do you have any such experience?

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