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Meet the Only 2 Apostles of Jesus Who Were Not Killed

Jesus had only 12 apostles. The 12 helped Him in His ministry and also acted as eyewitnesses of Jesus's wonderful deeds. The disciples accompanied Jesus in His ministry and had great power which they were given by Jesus when He was sending them to administer the word. Some of them performed Miracles.

The total number of disciples of Jesus were 13. This is because, after the death of Judas Iscariot, he was replaced by Mathias to retain the number at 12. After the Pentecost day, the apostles went to deliver the word of God in different places.

Following the persecution of people who believed in Christ, those who were spreading the word were being killed. Peter, if you can remember, was crucified upside down. The remaining 10 disciples were also killed as martyrs. The two disciples who were not martyred were Judas Iscariot, who committed suicide after betraying Jesus, and John the Apostle who died in old age from natural causes.

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