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Reactions As Wajackoyah's Running Mate States How Bhang Will Benefit Pastors

The 9th August general election is around the corner and politicians eyeing top seats are doing everything in their power to woo supporters to their respective camps.In that regard, Wajackoyah's running mate has created a fuss on social media when she said that Pastors will also benefit from the Hemp business. In her words, "If one sack of industrial hemp is 3.2 USD, and the pastor wants 10 percent from the congregants, they will have Ksh. 300, 000 from one follower. What about 1000 followers?"Justina Wamae was quick to point out that she and Gorge Wajackoyah are not in competition with pastors but they are rather giving solutions on how Kenyans can make money so that churchgoers can give more.She said, "Pastors, do not think that we are competing with you. We are giving solutions of how Kenyans can make money so that churchgoers can give pastors a bigger cheque in tithe." In that context, Kenyans took to social media to make their thoughts known and a netizen was quick to point out that Kenya is full of comedians.What are your thoughts about Justina Wamae's political sentiments?

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