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7 Things That Weigh Down Christians And Drain Them Spiritually

There is a certain level of discipline that every Christian is supposed to uphold. These are not necessarily rules that have been imposed on them but simply measures put in place to help them in their salvation life. For example, apostle Paul confesses in 1 Corinthians 9:27 that he promels his body and puts it into subjection so that after preaching to others he will not be disqualified. This is a level of discipline that helps a person maintain a proper spiritual life. 

On the other hand, there are certain things that could drain a person spiritually making them miss out on God's move in their lives. They become a distraction to a person's life hence they lose focus and become easily tossed by every doctrine that is not true. Some of these things include:

1. Love for worldly pleasures

Christians have a higher calling which is above the things of the world. They are admonished to focus on things above and not below. The pleasures of this world mostly include material possessions, luxurious life, posh lifestyles that don't glorify God, among others. When Chritians focus more on these worldly pleasures, they may easily veer off the right track. Like Jesus Christ said, we are in this world but not of this world. 

2. Fornication and adultery

Immorality has creeped into the church sparing nobody. For those who are unable to withstand the temptation, indulging in these sins has been the order of the day. The repercussions have been backsliding, regret and guilt. This has resulted in most Christians missing out on God's blessings and purposes in this season.

3. Ignoring fellowships

The gathering of believers brings about unity and helps to uplift their spiritual lives. This is mainly achieved through constant prayers and sharing of God's word. However, when we ignore fellowship, we become a target of the enemy and can easily fall. As Paul teaches, we should embrace fellowship (Hebrews 10:24-25).

4. Slandering and backbiting

This may involve slandering fellow Christians, preachers or despising spiritual authority. When a lot of time is spent engaging in meaningless conversations and slandering, the spiritual standard of a person is lowered. They also become vulnerable to God's punishment and the attacks of the enemy upon their lives.

5. Lack of prayer and fasting

In order to keep the spiritual standard high, constant prayer and fasting is important. However, when Christians ignore prayer and fasting, their lives enter into a cycle of defeat and powerlessness.

6. Not reading the bible

Reading the Bible equips Christians with spiritual knowledge. It also enables them to know the word of God and his will for their lives. Therefore, lack of reading the bible may result in confusion and inability to walk in God's will.

7. Spending more time on social media

The influence that social media cuts across all spheres of life. From adults to the young, the men and women and Christians as well as those in the secular world. However, unless we exercise control over social media, most people will be drained spiritually. For the Christian, time spent on social media should not be more than time spent with God.

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