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What Happens When We Let Go and Trust In God Only

There is nothing high or low that blots out God’s true love. Not death or life or rulers strong. Not might or strength or things to come, Or anything we’ve ever done can take us from His love.

The peace of God that calms our storms is more than we can fathom, and it will guard our hearts and minds as we let go and trust Him.

Cast anxious thoughts upon the Lord; take captive speculations. For perfect peace will rule and reign. And joy and hope will take the place of anxious fears and darkened thoughts.

When we bow down and trust Him. Bless the Lord with all your soul; Forget not all His favors. For He forgives all of our sins.

When we let go and trust in Him. Our God redeems us from the pit; With love and mercy, we are led. He satisfies our hearts’ desires, he gives us hope when in the fire.

He lifts our head when all seems lost: He is our hope, our All and All! The ways of God are not like ours; His wisdom fills the heavens.

He chooses what the world distains; The humble heart He blesses. Oh, what a hope we have in Him. He loves His broken children.

He doesn’t care that we are weak, that we are less than we should be, that we are wounded, wandering souls.

For in our weakness, He is strong. Oh, child, love and trust Him! Our God, Redeemer, Lord and King, Our Savior strong and true.

All glory, honor, praise, and might we give only to You. We lift Your name above our pride, Surrendering our souls.

For You alone deserve our hearts: You are our All and All we need in our lives! My Lord, My God, I trust You!

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Content created and supplied by: Jos Jossy (via Opera News )


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