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5 Spiritual Doors You Need to Close Today

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Ephesians 4:27; Neither Give place to the Devil.

There are many things that we need to start watching out for in our lives, if we want to make sure we know we are not giving any room to the devil.

The Bible says in the book of Job that the devil, Satan has the power to destroy a life. Although we know that he cannot do anything until God allows it, like in the case of Job where God allowed the devil to move into his life.

The following are common ignorant things humans do that give Satan an opportunity to enter into their lives.

There is a difference between falling into sin because of the weak moment and diving in headfast whilst doing a backflip with a big smile on your face.

If you know you are going to sin and think you will ask God for forgiveness thereafter, know that you are opening a spiritual door for the enemy in your life.

You cannot say that there is grace as an excuse to continue sinning, neither can you say that God forgives and hence you want to continue sinning on purpose.

You are destroying your life with the help of the devil.

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A man was sick, he was sick to the point of death. His relatives felt concerned and would do anything to make him whole again.

This man was a Christian and he believed in God with all his heart. He has been praying and his sickness has got him into a stage that he cannot even pray anymore. 

Out of love, his relatives offer to call a sorcerer to pass the spell of healing. The sorcerer was powerful. He had been doing it for a while and had testimonies from a lot of people.

The sick man told them that he would rather go and be with Lord then seek help from the devil. His words shook everyone in his family that were in the hospital. The interesting part of the story is that this man survived the sickness.

If it were you, what would you have done?

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Satan goes for someone who goes for those seeking alternatives.

Pride has also lead to destruction of many people. The one who orchestrates pride is the devil himself.

He puts the spirit of ride in you in many ways. He can use people around you.

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Find what is the source of pride in you… is it wealth? Your home/ or is it your looks?

Do not allow the spirit of pride get into you. If you are being treated by people with respect, you must handle it with humility.

Lack of love is another way.

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You don’t love yourself, you do not love anyone around you including relatives and friends, and even God Himself; this is an indication that the devil is destroying your life...because hatred will definitely push you to do what will kill you.

If there is unforgiving spirit in you, if there is a spirit of deceit in you, all these are showing that the devil is killing you.



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