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Keys To spiritual Growth


For one to grow spiritually, he should ensure that he have enough time with the heavenly Father. Prayers should not just be done as a routine or a show off to others that you do pray also but instead it should be done in a humble manner showing God that you acknowledge Him as your Father. A good prayer is not the one copied or crammed but instead a Christian should allow the holy spirit to lead him in prayer

The word

The bible should not be taken as a motivation speaker whereby one runs to read it when he feels to be low so that he can get encouraging quotes instead, a Christian should read the bible frequently to understand what God wants in His people and also understand what those called God's servants did that made Him happy. One should have thirsty to read the word for he'll get to understand God's promises to His people thus improving his spiritual growth


Faith is a strong belief in something therefore, for a Christian to grow spiritually he should have a strong faith in His creator. A good Christian should do things in faith, walk in faith believing that whoever he serves never fails or disappoints but fulfills His promises to those that He chose and loves too


Growing spiritually is not just a matter of saying I want to grow spiritually and it happens but its a total commitment to the creator of heaven and earth showing Him how much you yawn to be powerful for fasting helps one gain great strength from God. Fasting is very important to Christians for it enables them to move to another level in the spiritual world.

The Holy Spirit

For one to grow spiritually, he should allow the holy spirit to take charge. He should not allow his flesh to lead him for the flesh may lead him astray from God's will. Christians should be aware that its the holy spirit that takes our prayers to Christ our Saviour therefore, a Christian should always have a good relationship with the holy spirit.

Fellowship With Fellow Christian

One should be in fellowship with his fellows for they will support his spiritual growth. Fellowship is important among Christians for it enables one to learn from others and gain knowledge for everyone was granted different kind of understanding and everyone is given different gifts in the ministry

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