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Chaos Erupted In a Crusade in Narok as Pastor Chased Away Man Who Used to Accompany Him in Sermons

Chaos erupted in Narok as pastor chased away his staunch fellow who used to accompany him during events. The man used to assist the pastor to deliver the message of the man of God. He was a folk hiding inside the sheep's skin. Pastor noticed his cunning tricks and the intentions of him.

As they say, thief days are numbered, its day came and the pastor was fed up by the characteristics of the man. He was taught a lifetime lesson. The pastor had to chase the man in broad Daylight infront of the believers.

Pastor from the area denied the man the chance to travel with him to far areas on the assumption that the man is engaging in unworthy behaviour. According to the witness, the man is believed to be accompanying pastor on grounds that he has received the word of God. The man of God, a spirit intervene to him that the man was involving him on the proceeds of eating the flock. This prompted him to stop him from the company.

"Kumbe unatumia ziara zetu kuwa mbali na mkeo kisha kushikiriki ufuksa na Visura tofauti? Usinifuate tena. Hufai hata kuja kanisa letu hadi uache uzunifu," pastor said. ( You are using our trips to engage in illegal business with different types of women. Dont follow me again till you change your behaviour.)

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