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"I Went Through Alot When Young, my Whole Life Has Been A Disaster Until Recently" A Pastor Narrates

Apostle Charles Was born in a family that had alot of difficulties. He had a difficult life growing up and used to through alot in the hands of alters that had been set up in their family.

When he was in secondary school, he was taken to a boarding secondary school. In school he used to experience alot of things that he describes as satanic.

He would sleep and wake up to find himself somewhere outside. He went through the situation and at at some point he started running away from school. He experienced alot, since after he slept, he woke up at night to find people sleeping besides him. Charles did not know what to do.

When he tried to confide in his mum, he was being told that he was saying those things so that he wint go back to school.

He was later transferred from that school and was taken back to a day school. At day school, he started drinking very heavily. That lifestyle continued all along until there was no hope ,for him.

If was four years later when he believed and went to church. It took him four years to uproot those alters that had been put up in their family. When they finally broke free, Charles got saved and became an apostle. He has been preaching since then, asking everyone to try and understand where they are coming from and break down all the alters that had been set up on their families.

His message waa that of hope, to let the world know that they can still pray and God will make their lives better and save them from all the hardships they are going through.

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