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"My Bishop Bought Me Beer And Booked A Room To Sleep With Me But I Refused, I Hated Going To Church.

A lady by the name Esther Nyokabi has narrated how she was invited for dinner by her bishop from a church she was attending and when she arrived he bought beer for her and later booked a room to sleep with her but she refused and from that day she hated going to church.

According to Esther she had joined the church after she came to Thika to study,he was in her third year when her bishop tried to do the unthinkable to her,she was a member of praise and worship team.

She claims that all was well untill one day this bishop called her and invited her for a dinner and because she was free she went,upon arriving she found the bishop drinking beer and she was shocked and asked him why he was doing that.

Esther says that he told her that she should relax because they are not in church and since they are in a hotel she should enjoy herself,she was also served with a bottle of beer and because it was her first time she didn't like and drunk a little.

She says that when the bishop saw like she was drunk he booked a room for both of them,he offered to take her home only to drive her to guest room and that when she asked him why he has taken her there and he told her that he wanted to sleep with her but she refused and ran away.

Esther says that from that day she hated going to church and she now pray and worship at home because men of God of nowdays are doomed and evil.

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Esther Esther Nyokabi


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