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The Only Moment When Jesus Sinned

Jesus Christ is Son of God who manifested himself into the human body to save the mankind over thirty years after being born (miraculously) of the virgin Mary.

According to the Bible, the records of all that Christians believe took place before and after the birth of Jesus, the lamb of God was blameless.

The Jews however viewed him as the most sinful and an all time king of pretence. They blamed him for preaching water while drinking wine. The Jews laid traps to catch The Son of Man unawares.

According to John 9: 16, Jesus healed the sick on the the Sabbath Day. The Jews viewed this as a sign since in the Ten commandments, man is Ordered to Keep the Sabbath holy. This involves doing no work on such a day. In short, man is to rest while praising God after a week of busy schedules.

The Jews pinned Him down for breaking God's commandments.

Do you really think Jesus sinned? Share your opinion in the comments section.

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