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Church in Kenya Revealed where Servants are Jailed, Harassed and Tortured, Here is its Location

Religious places are places where many people seek spiritual intervention, shelter and help in the event they are faced with life challenges. They are sacred places where people are treated equally with no discrimination. However, some religious leaders have now taken advantage of their servant who are in need of help.

A church in Kisumu county, Kajulu East, Coptic Holy Ghost Church is now the talk of town as it has been reported that its religious leaders are subjecting their servants to harassment and torture in hidden cells inside the church premises. According to reports by Taifa Leo News, the church which is about 4.8 kilometers from Kisumu city is on spot after information leaked on how the church members are harassed, punished and tortured with no reason. Its alleged that the founder of that church, Father John Pesa One is a famous person known for being secretive something which he uses to run his illegal businesses inside the church.

Father John is also a popular man known by different members of states in East Africa. On inquiry of the report, he has denied the allegations claiming that the allegations are baseless with no clear evidence.

Despite accommodating people who are in need and vulnerable in the society, the church has small rooms where those who brought for healing by their members are kept. The church is big and beautiful however, Inside the church members don't enjoy any freedom as some are jailed and harassed which is against human rights. Members are chained, denied food, busk in the sun once a week and isolated to a point they can't help themselves out. The members are subjected to all these in the of they will be prayed for and healed.

In addition to the reports, its alleged that some family members take their relatives there be jailed so that they don't enjoy any freedom and also don't get any portion of inheritance from their deceased family members.

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Coptic John Pesa One Kajulu East Kenya Kisumu


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