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This is the reason why Cardinal Njue had to resign

Cardinal John NJue has served the catholic church for a very long time and he has been able to bring many changes in the church that have made the lives of many people better. When the cardinal recently resigned from service, many people were quite shocked because they never expected such a thing to happen at all.

John Njue is a Kenyan Cardinal who has been in service for a long time serving the Roman Catholic church. He has been in service since the year 2007 up to the beginning of this year 2021. Previously, he served as coadjutor archbishop of Nyeri from 2002 to 2007. Hew was also a bishop of Embu from 1986 to 2002.

He is definitely a normal person just like any other human being only that he has been able to do great things due to power bestowed on him by God. He has bad times and good times and the reason why he made a decision to resign is just because he had attained the retirement age.

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