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Tuesday prayer, God give me power to overcome challenges that may come on my way this week

Say these prayers with me before waking up this morning:

Our eternal King of Glory, the words cannot express how grateful I am for living today.

There is no better way to express gratitude from the bottom of your heart.

Thank you for the opportunity you gave me.

Your desire for me is good, harmless, and proof that you want to provide me with the future you desire for me.

You promised me to open a lot of doors for me so that no one could close them, but also warned me that there would be enemies.

Lord, I present these blessings, promotions, prosperity, and doors of health to you and the enemies who may come to deny what you have planned for me this week.

You have full authority to overcome the temptation of the devil by Luke 4: 1-3. Throw away my blessings this week.

Strengthen me in case my body fails me. Give me the wisdom to spot any tricks the devil might try to throw at me.

Obstacles seem to stop my progress, as the Red Sea did to the Israelites on their way to the Promised Land.

All the Red Seas that hinder my trip this week are shared. Melt all the mountains of my way and bring me victory. In the name of your son, our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray to Amen.

If you shared these prayers with me, write amen in the comment box below. Also, share your post to encourage your friends today. thank you.

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