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Longomba: Drama As Kenyan-US Based Prophet And Former Artist Busted Performing Fake Miracles

It's so unfortunate to see people by the title of a man of God faking miracles so as to get huge following. Money has become a deceit and people are doing whatever they can to get hold of it. Even after being busted and exposed of their evils, they continue to do whatever they were doing like nothing had happened.

Lovy Longomba an ex kenyan artist currently residing in the US has shocked many on twitter after a video of his performing a miracle has gone viral.

On the video, their is a lady on a wheelchair who confesses that for five years she haven' t been working. Prophet Lovy goes ahead and starts praying for her and asks her to stand up. Immediately she starts to walk with some little help and her granddaughter starts to cry when she sees her Grandma walking.

A niece of the grandma on twitter has expressed her shock after she show her aunty lying before God saying they were together and she was okay. She said, " Now why i jus seen my tata on tik tok acting like she aint walk for 5 years get " healed" by an apostle in kenya on my fyp? I am yelllinnnggg like omg tata njeri why u lyin on gods name? ? ? ? u was JUS at family prayers walkin & dancin this is sick omg. "

Many kenyans on twitter as usual flocked on the comment section and here are some sample of their tweets:

Eric: Also quick history on the pastor in the video, he used to be a singer during the Longomba era with his now late bro (RIP) Christian Longomba.

Amazing amazing musicians.

Kenyans here can relate

Joshua: This is Lovy Longomba. Brother to the Late Christian Longomba. Wueh! Omuprophet. Vuta Pumz nani.

Evans: aaaah, wacheni aunty apate daily bread buana aweze kutuma some back home. . . why levy looking like a congolese musician though?

Eunice: the audacity. I don' t think she imagined anyone would catch her. . . . That' s the other half of the Longombas singing duo.

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Kenyan-US Lovy Lovy Longomba


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