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What the Bible says about the role of the fathers in their children's upbringing

In order for a family to be complete ,a farther has to be present, the main problem that many marriages face today is the role of the father in childrens upbringing, many fathers has left the role of bringing up children to the mothers alone, some of them has completely no time to spend with their children , or to even help them to do their school assignments, that should not be the case anymore.

According to the biblical teachings in the book of Deuteronomy 11.18, the Lord actually tells the fathers to fix all of His commands in their hearts, after which they should teach them to their children when they are at home during their free time. The Lord further directs them to even write His commands on the door post of their houses.

The father is the first teacher in their children’s life, they should therefore lay a good foundations in their home. Also in the book of Ephesians 6.4 the Lord continues to urge father not to provoke their children to anger but rather guide them to the Lord’s teaching and guidance.

The fathers have a huge role to play in the family more than they think, being a father does not necessarily means having ability to bring children to this world, any normal man can do that , so the title of being called a father to someone is not a joke at all, fathers are the provider of materials needs to their children and family, the holy scripture also touches that point, that is in the book of 1st Timothy 5.8 ,the Lord tell people that anyone who cannot take care of their families is worst than a non believer and has even denied faith itself. So fathers are to provide their childrens with basic needs and there is no compromising in that.

Any one who desires to be a farther should bear in mind that with every great title of being called a father comes with great responsibilities, and the responsibilities has just to be fulfilled in order for children to have a wonderful upbringing.

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