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Vessels Of Honour In The House Of God

We are still on the process of becoming vessels of honour.After the clay is passed through a posho mill, it is then soaked for a few days ,say 3_5days. This is to make it soft and to drive out air. In the same way believers have to be completely in the word of God in order to drive out any evil element that is not worth for there are many things in our lives that we may not be aware of ,yet not acceptable before God We have to allow the Spirit of God to remove it from our lives so that we can lead lives worthy living before God.In so doing we shall be becoming vessels of honour in the house of God. After this stage ,the clay is kneaded so much just as it's done when Making chapatis.

As believers,we have to be completely kneaded with the word of God until we think ,behave and live the way God wants us to beclean, pure and holy unto the Lord.How many are willing to undergo these processes?🖐️✋🙏🙏In the next lessons I will take you to higher levels of becoming vessels into honour.🙏

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