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Signs that the world is coming to an end.

Signs that the world is coming to an end

Some people do not believe inthe scriptures and all that it stands for or against. However, the bible is the only book that speaks of the past, present and future of the world and that of the heavens.

So whether you believe in it or not many of the prophesies written in it have come to pass and there are many more yet to come to pass.

For example the bible predicted the coming of the Messiah and how he will be born and it came to pass.

Then there is the second coming which he prophesied himself. He however, did not say the day or time but gave us signs to watch out for.

You have all heard of wars and rumours of war.

Diseases that have no cure cancers, HIV/AIDS.

He said inthe end times men will be lovers of themselves not Elohim.

Men will be lovers of money and pleasure.

People will raise up against one another. Daughters against their mother in law.

Sons against father.

Further, more people who teach the word will only tell you what you love to hear instead of condemning sin because we have developed itching ears.

We only want to hear we are blessed and miracles are being exchanged for money.

Homosexuality and other abominations have been allowed.Yesterday South Afica debated on allowing one woman to legally be married to two men if they want to and very soon it will catch momentum all over the world just like the pandemic which is also another sign that the world is coming to an end.

We are happy and rejoice in sin when our daughters, sisters and mothers are walking around naked with small and tight fitting dresses causing people to stumble.

When you see the world coming to an abrupt stop, planes not flying, factories closed. Joblessness, corruption be weary Yahshua is coming soon.

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