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Current Price of 30 Pieces of Silver, In Kenyan Shillings, For which Judas Iscariot Betrayed Jesus

The biblical occurrence where Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus in exchange for 30 pieces of Silver is common among Christians. The event is recorded in the book of Matthew 26:15. The Bible states that just before the last supper, Judas agreed with the chief priests to hand over Jesus in exchange for 30 pieces of silver coins. Today, we shall be looking at the value of the silver coin in the present age.

In the gospel, it is recorded that Judas was to help the soldiers identify Jesus from the crowd by giving him a kiss. After the arrest of Jesus, Judas was given the 30 pieces of silver as agreed. His heart was immediately filled with guilt. Some gospels claim it was at that point Judas bought land and later hanged himself. However, the book of Matthew states that he returned the money to the chief priests who bought a land commonly quoted as the ''potters field'' since they claimed the money was evil and could not be returned to the treasury.

Scholars argue out that there might be only four possibilities of the silver coins used during those times. These are the Antiochan Stater coin, Tyrian Shekel coin, Ptolemaictetradrachms, and the Roman denarii. Of all these, only one coin stands out, the Tyrian Shekel coin. The Shekel coin was commonly used for payments in the temple as it contained the highest silver content(94%). This is the most likely coin they used to pay Judas with. Each of these coins had 14 grams of silver. This means that the 30 coins had 420 grams of silver.

Judging by the current market price, one gram of silver is worth 0.89 USD. That means all the 30 pieces would be currently worth (420 x 0.89) giving us 373.8 USD. Converting into Kenyan shillings, that becomes 40,333 shillings. Thanks for reading and kindly leave a comment.

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