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Opinion: Five African Churches With the Best Choir Groups

If there's one department that lights up church services or any other religious activity is the choir. So, let's look at some churches in Africa with the Best Choirs.

1. Catholic

There's is this song called "Uninyunyuzie maji" which is nowadays played even in bars. But, okay, Catholics have some of the best choir groups. Their songs are everywhere and are we'll composed for different religious occassions and doctrines. They have arguably some of the best choirs in the world.

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2. Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA)

Adventists also have some of the best choirs, well composed for different occasions and strictly adapted from the Bible. If you need good soft choir music after a long day of work or when grieving then you may as well consider an SDA collection.

Photo: An SDA choir

3. AIC (African Inland Church)

The African Inland Church also have some of the best choirs. Most of their choirs are led by one or two vocal singers with massive choir back-ups. They have some of the most vibrant and jovial choir members, especially from Kenya and Tanzania

Photo: An AIC choir

4. Salvation Army

This is another denomination with some of the most energetic choirs. In most cases they don't use electronic instruments, they use the band drums which blend well with their songs. Their matchings are epic

Photo: Salvation Army Choir/Band

5. Lutheran Church

Though I've never taken time to follow up on their songs, I've listned to some of their songs. I'm also told Lutheran church has some of the best choirs internationally.

Photo: A Kenyan Lutheran Church Choir

Besides choirs, other churches as well have some of the best praise and worship teams. Churches such as CITAM, Redeemed Gospel, Baptist, etc have some of the most proficient singers ever. Thanks for reading.

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