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2022 Politics: the Church and Politics

Scriptures in Matthew 18:20 say “for where 2 or 3 gather together in my name, there I(GOD) am with them. In the Kenyan setup, the verse has been contorted and the name “GOD” replaced with Ruto, Raila or Uhuru etc. or any local politician’s name. Indeed, a religious gathering automatically turns into a cult the very moment a being of a human nature is revered and idolized more than God Himself.

The church has moved on from the esteemed leaders of Ndingi Mwana A''Nzeki/Timothy Njoya's caliber to merely cloaked blasphemous sycophants. Unlike the former, the latter have ceased to spread the gospel of multiparty democracy, good governance, tolerance & social justice and anticorruption, not forgetting the art of forgiveness. Just like the proverbial ostrich, they have buried their heads, this time into politicians’ pockets, turning a blind eye on societal problems. Instead, they have seized the opportunity of surreptitiously commercializing the word of God. Circumventing & infixing Kemikal Gospel (substituting the holy word with financial-political jabbering) is turning out to be the new normal. Hurling insults amongst themselves from the altar is the order of the day.

As far as moves by the Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit and company are headed towards curtailing the hideous, repulsive and sacrilegious politicking in the places of worship, Kenyans ought to do more to protect their sanctity and dignity. Let houses of worship provide homage to the spiritually malnourished citizens looking forward to atoning for their misdeeds; and siphoning hope and assurance from the serenity that comes along with sojourning in them.



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Kenyan Ndingi Raila Uhuru


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